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Creative direct mail design services.

While online marketing is taking off, direct mail continues to be an effective way to market products, services and special offers. But no matter how great the deal, or how wonderful and witty the copy, no one will pay attention without first being captivated by the design.

Lifted Logic will make your marketing campaign shine.

Great direct mail design starts with a goal.

Lifted Logic’s direct mail design services are a combined effort shared by our marketing, design, and writing teams. This approach ensures that the goal of your marketing campaign shines through every component of the mailer. No matter how broad your campaign, it’s important to establish the goal straight from the start, be it brand awareness, gaining new leads, or promoting a new service.

Consider unique direct mail formats…and new dimensions.

In addition to being graphically different than the rest of the junk in the pile of mail, it’s important to consider form as well. Instead of a typical 4×6 inch postcard, think about using an over-sized or elongated card that will peek out from the stack. Adding a dimensional element can promote audience interaction…and the more time a potential lead spends looking at your mailer, the more likely they are to convert. Consider flaps, pop-ups, or even some crazy origami tricks.

Our staff of talented copy writers will help you speak your mind.

Got a case of writer’s block? Lifted Logic’s copywriters will work with you on how to use effective keywords, dynamic phrases, and clear, concise information to get your point across. These folks will scrutinize your text for errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Trust us, they do it to us ALL. THE. TIME. And they can’t turn it off.

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