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Making new leads stop and stare.

Although much of the business world is transitioning into digital means, a tangible, well-designed business card is still essential to a modern company’s identity. The biggest mistake (second only to not having a business card at all) is to hand over a business card that is unimaginative or poorly designed. Don’t let your card get lost in the pile or thrown away! Lifted Logic’s experienced graphic designers know the tricks to help make your business card memorable, while providing a clear representation of your business. Lifted Logic specializes in creating unique business cards that help to provide a memorable transaction between you and the recipient. There are several key elements that can promote this one-of-a-kind interaction.

Variations in Inks and Coatings

These days, we have access to so many affordable options for creative printing. Why choose standard one or two color offset printing, when there are so many more interesting and dynamic methods out there? Consider full color cards using CMKY four-color printing. This allows for the use of interesting icons, gradients, or even photographs. For an added element, our designers may suggest using a UV coat in specific areas. This method adds a gloss to the card, which catches the light and provides a smooth texture for the fingertips. If you like the look and feel of engraved printing, you might consider thermography for a raised texture. As you have probably picked up, we are big fans of texture in business card design!

Rethinking Materials

The standard business card is typically printed on 100 lb stock. This option may be suitable for many clients (especially in conjunction with the aforementioned printing variations). However, Lifted Logic’s designers love to play with new materials that will make a statement. From cotton paper, to metal, plastic, wood, or leather, the sky is the limit! Perhaps you’d like to present your products or services right off the bat? A tent business card design is a good formatting choice if you need to include more information. We can even design business cards on three-dimensional objects.

Diversified Design Options

While innovative printing methods and crazy materials are our definitely our cup of tea, we understand that these options aren’t right for every client. The most important elements of a business card are a great logo and clearly presented information, all brought together with excellent design.

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