Video Ad Marketing In Kansas City

Connecting you with the right audience.

Broaden your brand’s reach with video ad marketing

Video ad marketing i volves utilizing your existing business’ video and placing it in front of your target audience while they are viewing (presumably hilarious cat) videos on YouTube. This allows your message to be front and center to engage your audience and become familiar with your brand. In fact, here’s just a few statistics about YouTube’s viewership:

-YouTube has more viewers ages 18-34 than cable TV

-More than one billion unique users visit YouTube each month

-Nearly six billion hours of video are watched on YouTube each month

Leveraging your brand 

Lifted Logic’s goal is to ensure that we utilize your video ad campaign to its best ability. Once we understand your audience, their interests, and the demographics to target, we utilize settings within Google AdWords to target that specific group. This ensures a higher conversion rate than just placing video ads on YouTube and crossing your fingers.