Customizable Ecommerce In Kansas City

Creating custom solutions for your products.

At Lifted Logic, we pride ourselves on our ability to come up with the best solutions to any challenge we face. We build high-end ecommerce websites, even for the most customizable or complex products, in order to help our clients grow their business and drive online conversions. Whether your products come in a range of configurations, colors, finishes, or are eligible for custom embroidery, fabrics, or anything else, count on Lifted Logic to develop a system from scratch that helps you manage your ecommerce site better, while improving user experience and conversion.

Keep it simple and straightforward.


Lifted Logic’s talented developers are capable of building completely custom features in the back end of our ecommerce websites with customizable products to enable our clients to put products on their website that their customers can create according to their exact specifications. Our entire team approaches each ecommerce project with customizable products as your clientele.

We think about what step-by-step process makes the most sense toward building and buying one of your customizable products. we test this process extensively to ensure that any user in your target audience can successfully complete an order. This is essential to ensuring that you don’t see cart abandonment or other website dropoffs because your ordering process is too complicated or confusing.