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E-commerce In Kansas City

Building high conversion ecommerce products.

Lifted Logic’s talented and experienced web developers specialize in building custom ecommerce websites with high functionality for a wide range of clients. From selling luxurious custom dog beds, to industrial truck bed racks, thousands of Paleo meals per week, and everything in between, there’s no project too big or strange for Lifted Logic’s team to tackle. No matter your product size, type, price, method of delivery, or ordering process, Lifted Logic can design a custom ecommerce solution that helps manage the business side of your company and leaves you with more room to do what you do best.

When it comes to ecommerce websites, the design and function must work especially perfectly together. Users know of many “standards” that any ecommerce website should have, and it’s important to not stray too far from these standards, or you run the risk of losing customers left and right.

Every ecommerce website that we build is optimized for any size or type of device. We make sure the process of checking out is exactly the same for users, no matter the device they choose to access your ecommerce website from.

Trust us, trying to figure out shipping and tax costs is a headache you don’t want to deal with. We have experience in working with and integrating the APIs of mail services into the website to automatically calculate shipping costs, based on the customer’s delivery location. We also can calculate accurate sales tax costs, including complex sales tax nexus needs.

Now that you have a gorgeous ecommerce website, you have to make sure that it’s working for you to the best of its potential. Lifted Logic offers certified ecommerce Analytics consulting services to help you determine what’s working and what needs some improvement.