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Intelligent writing for marketing materials.

Writing Services in Kansas City

There are few, if any, marketing and advertising platforms that don’t require some sort of written, persuasive text. You want to make sure that your company’s unique voice and brand are carried through any sort of online—or offline—materials that you distribute, so count on Lifted Logic’s expert writers to provide your business with a range of writing services—whatever your needs may be.

Company Brochures or Catalogs

Showcase your employees, services, or products in the best light possible! If you need a beautifully written and designed company brochure to introduce potential clients to your business, Lifted Logic’s writers will go to work to promote you. Additionally, if you have products that need to be featured in a catalog, we can write introductory content, product descriptions, and anything else to convert readers effectively.

Print Advertisements

If you’ve got a magazine ad, newspaper ad, highway billboard, or any other type of print advertisement, we will provide the best content that’s ideal for the readers of that particular publication.

Postcards & Direct Mail

Between Lifted Logic’s designers and writers, your company’s postcards will be attention-grabbing and captivating. Whether your postcard is going to be directly mailed to the public, or just passed out at your business, our writers will tailor the content specifically for the audience that it’s going to reach. We know you and your business well, so rest assured that your brand and voice will be effectively conveyed.

Team Biographies

You and your employees are what make your business unique. Tell the world about your team’s qualifications, experience, specialty, or personal lives in a way that convinces readers to rely on your company’s expertise.

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