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Use Webmaster Tools to Boost SEO Content

Web Content & SEO / September 11, 2014

In the quest to find new ideas for SEO content on a website, many tend to overlook the usefulness of utilizing Google Webmaster Tools to boost SEO content as it’s generally vastly dwarfed by all that Google Analytics has to offer. While the Lifted Logic team is a huge advocate for Google Analytics, as we incorporate it into every custom website we build and make sure that our writers and marketers use Analytics data when creating content, ads, and other marketing campaigns, we also believe that any site manager who relies solely on Analytics is simply not getting the full picture. Using this useful article published on Koozai, we are going to show you some of the ways you can use Google Webmaster Tools to boost SEO content and explain how Lifted Logic can help your business with all its SEO needs!

Keyword Data

website-rankingGoogle Webmaster Tools has a search query report that Analytics does not have. This feature alone helps immensely when using Webmaster Tools to boost SEO content, as it can tell you actual search terms people are using to find your website, along with average ranking positions of your site for that keyword. The Koozai article explains the benefits of using Webmaster Tools to boost SEO content really well when they say,

“Got a high ranked keyword with a very low CTR? Have a look at your competitors’ search results. Is there any reason theirs are winning clicks over yours? Does your Meta description sell it? Is your title tag the most generic thing under the sun? Time to reinvent! If the search query report proves anything, it’s that the number one slot in Google isn’t always the best place to be – people like to shop around, compare and try the other flavours on offer. Good visibility is more than just being top of the pile; it’s about being the best in the pile, the one that stands out.”

Content Data

Webmaster Tools will provide you with a list of content keywords to tell you what Google believes your website is all about. Since SEO is almost entirely about pleasing Google, this content keyword list can be priceless. When using Webmaster Tools to boost SEO content on your website, this content data can help you discover what keywords you’re doing well on and what keywords you may want to begin emphasizing more throughout your content updates.

Link Data

blogging-businessUnder the “Search Traffic” tab on Webmaster Tools, a click on “Links to Your Site” will show you links to your site that are strong enough to be recognized by Google. This is a great way for you to analyze if a particular page or post on your website is doing really well. If so, you may want to write an update or follow-up. You may want to write about something using a similar writing style or structure as that particularly popular piece of content.

Stuck? Let Lifted Logic use Webmaster Tools to boost SEO content on your site today!

contactAs you can see, using Webmaster Tools to boost SEO content on your site is absolutely worth your time. While this tool may have a bad reputation and may not be nearly as popular as Google Analytics, it still provides you with key information on how to ensure the success of your website’s content in the eyes of Google and to the searching public. If your business needs help building a successful online presence, contact the internet experts at Lifted Logic today! We can help you in a variety of ways, including using Webmaster Tools to boost SEO content. Just fill out the form below or call our office at 816-298-7018 to get started today!

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