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Tips from a Professional Blogger in Kansas City on Writing Engaging Blog Posts

Web Content & SEO / July 23, 2014

Writing engaging blog posts can be tough if you don’t know what you’re doing. At Lifted Logic, we teach clients how to write effective, engaging blog posts on their new, custom-built website, and we also provide SEO blogging services for clients. If you have been wondering what some of the best practices are for writing a blog, we’ve got some tips from our professional blogger in Kansas City:

York BlogConsider Your Audience

Before you start writing, know who you’re writing for. Put yourself in the place of a user and think, “What words would I use if I were searching for this product or service?” Once you have a few keywords to go from, it’s easy to come up with a topic and title. Our professional blogger in Kansas City encourages clients to write a list of locations and products or services they would like to emphasize. A good keyword, plus a location, is the best way to target your intended audience. While writing the content of the blog post, think about what you’d want to understand better about a product or service, and also consider common questions or concerns you hear from customers.

Use Lists and Headings

In case you haven’t been on the internet lately, we’ll clue you in: readers LOVE lists, especially the oddly specific lists that Buzzfeed tends to come up with. Lists are easy to read and are typically formatted really well, plus they make it easy to add visual images throughout the post. Lifted Logic’s professional blogger in Kansas City suggests that everyone use heading text for the main points on their lists, as headings tend to draw the eye, cleanly organize the content, and they help with SEO.

emma typing

Be Yourself

With any kind of writing, it’s crucial that you retain your personal style and voice. Users who read content that’s indistinguishable from a robot won’t be interested in anything you have to say. Be sure to throw in some common phrases you say, or at the very least, try not to be too formal.  Yes, you want to sound professional and knowledgeable, but you also want to seem approachable. Readers who can recognize your voice through your posts automatically make a connection with you that may have been missed had you not been blogging at all.

Lifted Logic’s Professional Blogger in Kansas City’s Approach

At Lifted Logic, our professional blogger in Kansas City is not only up-to-date on the latest SEO rules and guidelines, but is also creative and imaginative while writing. We provide clients with blog posts that help them show up in search results regularly while still retaining the human element in the content. If you’d like to learn more about our copywriting and blogging services at Lifted Logic, just fill out the form below or call our office. We’d love to show you what our professional blogger in Kansas City can do for you!

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