The Web Design Process

Take a virtual stroll with us through the web design process.

Lifted Logic takes a unique business-centric approach to building your website through a tried-and-true process that’s taken us a decade to refine.

Step 01: A 90-minute Consultation.

Because 1 hour isn’t enough.

Our process, and your new website, starts with a cup of coffee (or tea, or beer). It’s not only necessary to keep our inner demons at bay—it’s also a great way for us to get to know each other.

Your business, your staff, your industry… Extracting all of this info from your own unique perspective is what will start to shape and mold your project into a future success.

During this meeting, you’ll also meet your dedicated project manager. Project management is the glue of our web design process, helping us stay organized and work in harmony to get your project launched on time.

Step 02: Project Strategy.

Let’s get organized.

We’ll kick off your internet design project with an in-depth discovery strategy meeting that covers who you are, what you do, your competitors, market share, and anything else we need to know to make sure we kick ass with your new website—and maximize your budget.

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Step 03: Content & SEO.

The written word.

A website can look beautiful, appear well-written, and rank first for every search. But if it doesn’t make you money… Did we really do our job?

This is precisely why your project kicks off with content. Not how most agencies usually work, but then again, we’re not most agencies. We believe your story should come first, because if a potential customer can resonate with who you are and what you do… Well, that’s worth a pretty penny.

What “sections” do we want included on any given page? How do we talk to clients? Asking these important structural questions will give you all the tools you need to get started with writing your content.

For the creation of your content, we encourage you to let us do what we do best. However, if you are eager to try your hand at web writing, we do provide training in web writing and SEO best practices included with all purchased services. Creating your own content that upholds technical SEO strategies can be meticulous and requires ongoing attention, so please do some research or ask our team to determine if your staff is equipped for the task.  

A woman writes about how to write in a consistent tone.

Step 04: UX & UI Design.

Time to make your ideas shine.

Before we spend time mocking up a new website for you, we want to make sure it’s everything you want—and nothing you don’t. That’s why our team meets internally first to go through your current website, new content outline, and branding & logo files to brainstorm new ideas. 

Just wait until you see your kick-ass content outline come to life—you’re going to freak. But seriously, our designers have won national awards because they create high-functioning, beautiful, innovative, well-thought-out, memorable designs. (And that’s just our “only brag a little bit…“)We present a flat prototype of your new website and walk you through various user experiences. We also discuss the logistics of how you’ll be able to manage the site once it’s live.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Step 05: Photo & Video.

Bring your business to life on the web.

Professional photography and videography can take your website to the next level. One of the reasons we think Lifted Logic is the best internet design company is because we don’t rely on design or content alone to tell your story.

Our in-house photographers and videographers will capture every angle of your team, products, and services to help showcase who you are and what you do. Photo/video is the true hallmark of a custom website. The HD footage we capture of your team, your facility, and your experience visually complements and enhances your website and helps your customers put a face to the name.


Step 06: Development & Testing.

Taking the time to build your site right.

The development team at LLHQ works on building your new, beautiful, fully functional website. We work in a staging environment to ensure we don’t interrupt what you’ve already got going on.  

Historically, our clients love the developers. Not just because it’s their “sit back and relax” stage of their project, but because they finally have a fully functional website at the end (IT’S ALIVEEE!!) that they can send to all their friends and brag about how much cooler they are now.

After the site is built, we conduct an internal review through a 9999-point checklist to check for development bugs, content edits, and overall user experience. Then, we invite you to do the same. Once everyone is happy with the site, it’s a-go. 


Step 07: Launch.


Yes, we’re those lame marketing nerds that ring a gong in our office when your site launches. We’re just as excited as you! 🎉

But wait—there’s more. When it comes to web design, we always demand perfection. So before we launch your website, it goes through a thorough 99,999-point QA list that holds us accountable to that. Only then will we officially launch your website. And trust us when we say, it will feel like a fresh pot of coffee smells (really f@#$ing good).

We coordinate our website launches to ensure the updates are as little disruption as possible, while still keeping our team alert and on-call for anything that may happen during propagation.


Step 08: Training.

We built the boat. Now it’s time to sail.

30 days after site launch, we invite you to join us at our office for an in-depth review of how the site is performing. We look at your Google Analytics, your conversions, and set you up for long-term success by providing you with additional training and answer any questions you may not have thought of before launch. Hell, we’ll even train your front desk staff. Because our goal all along wasn’t to sell you a website. It was to make your business money. As with the rest of the process, all of this educational information is totally free.

Step 09: Agency Services.

Next level digital marketing.

Now you have a beautiful site that’s getting you tons of leads. So many that you have to hire someone just to answer your phone. But how do you keep the momentum going?  

Many of our clients choose to continue working with us after site launch because they have seen what we can do. They know we understand their business and industry through the web design process and that we can continue growing their business on the web.


Step 10: Party Hard.


Did you make it all the way through, or did you scroll straight to the bottom? (You can lie to us, but you can’t lie to yourself. It’s okay – we don’t judge you. Well, maybe just our copywriters.)  

Either way, this is what you’re looking for 👉  

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