Todd Smidt

Chief Operations Officer

Todd is a man of simple tastes. Traveling, words, whiskey, and dad jokes. More specifically, he enjoys first-rate banter, long walks along the Australian Coast, rye whiskey, and books by Vonnegut.

While others have been blessed with skills in design, coding, photography, and videography he excels in herding cats and keeping the trains running on time. During his time at Lifted Logic, he has worked as a copy writer, managed millions of dollars worth of projects, proclaimed shoes are prisons for your feet, and done his best to keep the inmates from running the asylum.

He spends his free time traveling and writing about it on his blog – Of Whiskey and Words.

As Chief Fire-Putter-Outer and Operations Overlord, Todd has constructed the entire web design, ongoing marketing, and business accelerator processes at Lifted Logic to make every client has a kick*ss project, hits KPIs, and relentless communication every step of the way.