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While email newsletters are effective, fast, and affordable, we also understand the huge marketing potential of direct mail campaigns. Lifted Logic’s copywriters and marketing specialists can assist you in developing fantastic writing for your postcards, catalogs, and flyers. Need help with design? Learn more about Lifted Logic’s direct mail design services.

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You cannot talk about websites without talking about search engine optimization (SEO). While most companies will try and drown you in industry buzzwords to the point that you’re so confused that you’ll pay whatever price they ask to do ongoing SEO work, Lifted Logic believes in education and transparency. We love to educate our clients on what search engine optimization is and entails, and then we’ll show them the best practices, and let clients decide whether they want us to provide them with ongoing SEO work.

Lifted Logic uses only White Hat SEO methods.

When it comes down to it, SEO can make or break a company. When improperly managed, SEO can make a business seem cheap or schemey, and we all know that no one will turn to a business like that. An additional concern when it comes to bad SEO (otherwise known as Black Hat SEO) is the inevitable moment when Google catches on to your sketchy practices and penalizes your website to ensure that you’ll never appear in the first page of results.

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