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Lifted Logic’s creative copywriters are experienced at creating unique subject lines that are designed to catch a recipient’s attention and entice them to open the newsletter. Our staff will work with you to develop an exciting, convincing “voice” that stays true to your business’ brand, yet is personable.

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What is the goal of a email newsletter campaign? Is it to say hello to your clients? Is it to tell them about your latest company BBQ? Not exactly. The goal of an email newsletter campaign is the conversion. Conversion goals may vary between businesses. Some companies are looking for new leads, others wish for customers to purchase a specific product at a certain time. Some may want recipients to share the email with a friend or coworker. But no matter what, the goal of a conversion is to get people to act.

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The next step is to produce creative, informative text that carries the reader through the newsletter to the end goal…the action. Newsletter writing isn’t all about pushing the sale…it’s important to pull in other elements (such as recent events, customer testimonials, industry news, etc) and weave them in to create a full sense of your company, your values, and your authority in the industry.

Print Newsletters

While email newsletters are effective, fast, and affordable, we also understand the huge marketing potential of direct mail campaigns. Lifted Logic’s copywriters and marketing specialists can assist you in developing fantastic writing for your postcards, catalogs, and flyers. Need help with design? Learn more about Lifted Logic’s direct mail design services.

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