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Most Common SEO Mistakes We See Made By Kansas City Companies

Web Content & SEO / June 9, 2014

At Lifted Logic, we specialize in creating custom websites that are optimized to be easily found and indexed by Google so that the sites we create are ranked among the top search results. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a particularly technical or tedious task, but when done incorrectly, the results can be disastrous (i.e. your site generates no business because no one can find it). With some help from The Wordtracker Academy’s article on the subject, we’ll go through the most common SEO mistakes and explain how we can help avoid them.

Keyword Stuffing:

First, keyword stuffing. Generally regarded as a cheater’s practice, keyword stuffing involves writing content stuffed with specific words in a feeble attempt to rank higher in Google search results. Keyword stuffing does not work, and it generally comes out looking like unprofessional nonsense. (See below for a perfect example)keyword-stuffing

Copied Content:

Copied content. If a website is copying and pasting content (an illegal practice) from another website, instead of original content, Google will notice and can block the entire site from search results. A webpage must have unique and original copy to not only satisfy Google, but its users. Even though it seems easier, stolen content will do nothing but harm a website.

Duplicate content:

Duplicate content/titles/meta descriptions. Even if a site has the best content, but reuses its own posts, meta descriptions, or titles pages all the same way, it will never achieve a top spot in Google search results. All titles, descriptions, and posts should be unique so Google can index them correctly and shine its coveted spotlight on sites with the most relevant content.

Ignoring Google Analytics:

Ignoring Google Analytics. Sites that are not utilizing Google Analytics to be constantly up-to-date on their site’s data are sounding their own death knell. This program keeps real-time statistics about the site and informs site owners about their most popular pages, the location of users, and countless other types of invaluable information that can be used to guide blog content or advertising.Google_Analytics

How Lifted Logic Can Help Fix Common SEO Mistakes:

The developers and writers at Lifted Logic are trained to recognize and avoid these common SEO mistakes the first time, every time. Our content writers and bloggers write original SEO copy, with an appropriate amount of useful keywords, that results in polished, professional content. We also utilize Google Analytics to track the positive impact our work has on the businesses we serve. If your site contains the most common SEO mistakes and is in need of a boost in SEO, fill out the our contact form to get in touch with us today!

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