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Looking for SEO in Overland Park? A Google Guide

Web Content & SEO / June 26, 2014


If you’re looking to increase your company’s visibility on the web, and you’re not sure where to begin, an experienced SEO in Overland Park is what you need. Hiring an SEO (“search engine optimizer” or “search engine optimization”) can be a risky move, but at Lifted Logic, our experts work their hardest to remove any risks and provide clients with a noticeable increase in website traffic or sales. Google is interested in providing the best information and results for its users, and expects website managers to comply with its rules if they want to land on the top search results. They have released a helpful guide for businesses to evaluate whether or not to hire an SEO. As we go through some of it, we’ll show you why turning to Lifted Logic for SEO in Overland Park is one of the smartest business moves you can make.

When to hire an SEO in Overland Park

When you decide to turn to Lifted Logic for SEO in Overland Park, be sure to do so as early as possible. Many of our clients enlist our SEO services immediately following the launch of their custom website (created by us, of course!). It’s easiest to start SEO this way because the whole site is fully designed for SEO from the beginning, giving a business a serious advantage to show up in Google results first.

If you’re not seeking a totally new website, you’re still in luck! We believe as Google believes, “a good SEO can also help improve an existing site.” Our copywriters can dive straight into an existing site and begin producing top-notch blog posts and links for your company. When you hire Lifted Logic as your SEO in Overland park, you’ll definitely notice a quick increase in site traffic!

Understanding what an SEO doeseffective copywriting

Even when explained by Google, who practically founded the idea, the world of SEO is still murky. The rules and guidelines are constantly changing, to a degree where a business must hire an SEO these days to keep up. In the early days of SEO, some used the system to their advantage, and cheated their way to the top of Google’s search results when their site’s content didn’t actually contain any useful information. SEO as a business is working hard to improve its reputation, and the SEOs at Lifted Logic have been strictly trained to identify and avoid any shady SEO tactics.

Lifted Logic’s copywriters provide a company with original SEO content that is informative, readable, and contains appropriate keywords to ensure your company’s links comply with Google’s rules and has the best shot at showing up in Google’s top slots.

Lifted Logic’s helpful SEO approach vs. harmful SEO approaches of others

contact-pageAs was previously mentioned, Lifted Logic’s SEOs absolutely do not practice any shady SEO tactics that some other SEO agencies do. Google advises anyone shopping for an SEO to be wary of a few red flags: avoid an SEO who guarantees the top spot on Google, beware of lack of company transparency, and in general, trust your instincts. No SEO can actually guarantee the #1 Google search result spot, if anyone tells you this, they are lying. Also, if an SEO you are meeting with does not fully answer your questions or does not show you exactly what their services are and how they can help, walk away. A bad SEO can have a detrimental effect on a business’s online presence. A good SEO offers the user-friendly and user-focused content Google is looking for, they don’t link farm or focus all their energy on finding a loophole in the system-they just abide by the system and use it to their advantage.

At Lifted Logic, we are more than happy to answer any and all questions you have. We will show you countless examples of our work and we will get to know your business in-depth so we can provide you with the best SEO in Overland Park. Our experts really know their stuff and will provide your company with a noticeable increase in web traffic. To get started with Lifted Logic on SEO in Overland Park, fill out the form below! We can’t wait to hear from you!


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