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Lifted Logic Creates Custom Dual Language Websites

Web Development / July 31, 2014
International fashion labels have great multi-language functionality
International fashion labels have great multi-language functionality

At Lifted Logic, we are dedicated to providing our clients with nearly any sort of request they have for their custom website design and development. When international clients request custom dual language websites, Lifted Logic’s talented team can certainly deliver! Even when we must create custom dual language websites in languages that are read right-to-left, like Arabic or Hebrew, instead of left-to-right, like English or Spanish, the designers and developers at Lifted Logic is capable of creating a mirrored image of the website while also translating the language to ensure that those who view the website in either language have the same user-friendly experience and retain the same information. We take pride in our custom dual language websites, and we want every user, no matter where they are from, to enjoy our unique, gorgeous websites.

Advanced search feature on Leasing KC's website by Lifted Logic
Advanced search feature on Leasing KC’s website by Lifted Logic

With the custom dual language websites, or any custom websites, from Lifted Logic, we make sure we know all the ins and outs of your company so the innovative design reflects the authority, influence, and the high quality services or products your company has in the industry. Throughout the whole process of creating custom dual language websites, we put the client in control. After the creative design has been made, clients review the entire design and request any changes they desire before the website moves into development. During development, our talented team can create nearly anything you desire for your website. We frequently implement unique functionality into our custom dual language websites, whether its advanced login portals, search features, or eye-catching animations, Lifted Logic’s developers can do it all! Throughout the website’s development, we bring you in to approve of all the website’s features and we make any changes you request. Custom dual language websites that require homepage videos are also in luck, as Lifted Logic’s award-winning videographers can film incredible homepage videos to be featured on the website.

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If you’re interested in custom dual language websites, or any type of website, from Lifted Logic, just fill out the form below or call our office today! We’re looking forward to working with you!

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