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Lifted Logic is a full-service Kansas City web design company. For well over a decade, we’ve built thousands of custom, beautiful, and functional websites for small-, medium-, and large-sized businesses and organizations across the country.

Professional Involvement

We have team members involved with...

Vistage International
Leawood Chamber of Commerce
Overland Park Chamber of Commerce
Northeast JoCo Chamber of Commerce
Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
WCJC Board of Directors
Overland Park Arboretum Board of Directors

Speaking Engagements

Leadership has spoken at events for...

Blue Valley CAPS
Blue Valley High Schools
Johnson County Community College
Kansas University
Bloch School of Business Entrepreneur Program

Volunteer Work

Engaged in organizations like...

Methodist Church in Independence
Belong KC
Cultivate KC
Refugee & Immigrant Services & Empowerment (RISE)

We've recently donated or matched...

Code for a Cause

In addition to offering a standing discount for nonprofit organizations, Lifted Logic gives away a website to a nonprofit organization in Kansas City every year. This includes—

  • Content Creation & SEO
  • Professional Photography
  • Professional Videography
  • Web Design (UX/UI) including mobile optimization
  • Web Development (LAMP)
  • & more!

Learn More

CAPS Internship Pilot

Lifted Logic is proud to be a pilot business to a brand new internship program through the local CAPS network. 7 high school interns are chosen among hundreds of students for a full year, highly focused web design and digital marketing program.

Community Resources

We’re passionate about dispelling all of the myths & misconceptions that circulate in our industry regarding web design, SEO, and app creation. That’s why we offer free 1-hour education sessions to any small business who could use a little bit of guidance.

At our core, Lifted Logic values education. That’s why we strive to lead giving back to our community across Kansas City. Web design agencies typically work only with those who have the budget. But frankly, we’re not in it for the money. From the beginning, Lifted Logic was founded on community-based principles—our founder, Adam Fichman, wanted to connect and partner with small businesses in KC and offer free educational opportunities to those who couldn’t afford them otherwise.

Whether you’re a member of a nonprofit organization wearing 25 different hats on the daily; an established CEO who feels like they’re in uncharted territory when it comes to digital marketing; or a student looking to break into the web design industry, we want to connect with you!

Our team, based in Overland Park, serves clients across the nation in a variety of industries. Within our Kansas City web design shop, we actually operate 5 distinct departments who all work together to bring your project to life.

Your 5 Kansas City Web Design Departments

One: Content. 
Content is the foundation of your web design project, at least if your goal is to be found organically on the web (for terms other than your own name). Our process starts with creating a navigation structure and content outline, all centered around your business goals, whether that’s building a platform to:

  • generate new leads/revenue;
  • introduce new products or services;
  • become a thought leader in your industry;
  • improve your overall brand awareness;
  • or recruit new employees.

As an integral piece of your web design project, our expert SEO content strategists will help you take your business and put it on the web in a user-friendly, search-engine-optimized format that’s ready for design.

Two: Design.
(Be forewarned: we brag on our designers a lot.) If you’re looking for web design, you literally can’t find a better team than the ones at LL. Our clients trust our design team to create modern, UX-focused designs that emphasize all of the best things about your brand. And the best part? They’re totally functional and editable for you down the road. Can other award-winning websites say the same? (We’ll give you a hint: it rhymes with “snow way”.)

In Kansas City, web design classes are hard to come by. Best practices and “trends” change almost daily. But because our designers are so amazingly forward-thinking, their work tends to hold up a lot longer than the average age of a website (about 2-3 years). Some of our clients have had their websites live for upwards of 5-10 years, and they still look as great as the day they launched!

By coordinating with both the content team, the photo/video team, third-party animators, and our developers, our design team is truly the Swiss Army Knife of the web design world.

Three: Photo & Video.
We trust no one behind a camera more than our photo/video team—it’s one of our favorite differentiators as a Kansas City web design company.

There’s a lot that goes into professional photography as it is. The right lighting, the best editing skills… We could go on all day. These assets provide an essential layer of customization to your brand story. Coordinating with content and design, our photographers have a next-level aptitude for creating beautiful, evergreen assets that are strategized from the start to feel cohesive with your website’s design and intent.

Our clients can choose from a variety of assets depending on their unique needs. Have a sales-focused organization? Headshots may be the perfect way to put a face to the name. Want to showcase your wide scope of services? A short branded homepage video may be just the thing. On the other hand, if your goal is to promote your brand’s values or process, an interview video may be a better fit. You name it, we can do it!

Four: Development.

Our developers are the wizards of Lifted Logic. We throw everything we’ve got at them—content, design, photo/video—and they pull it all together for us to create the final product. Unique to the web design industry, our developers have a range of knowledge and must be versed in languages that serve both front-end and back-end development to create a beautiful, functioning website on an easy-to-use CMS (what we also call “full stack” developers.)

As if that weren’t enough, our web developers are also tasked with highly complex challenges that leverage a variety of other web-based tools. From API integrations to WordPress plugins and beyond, they are the unsung heroes that truly bring your brand story to life on the web.

Five: Operations & Support.

Without our operations and support team, Lifted Logic may have never even gotten off the ground in the first place. Responsible for communication with clients, coordination of projects, internal task assignments, launch duties, and support after launch.

Over the last few years, our fearless project managers and support specialists have built a rigid organization flow that benefits both the client and our internal teams. Simply put, if you’re looking for more than just a Kansas City web design company, but rather a well-oiled custom shop with capabilities and expertise beyond what you would ever need, we’re your people.

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It's in our blood. That's why the entire LL team takes every opportunity we can to give back!