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Amethyst Place
Where families come to heal.

This organization works to break the cycle of generational poverty and drug addiction by providing resources, drug treatment, and all the support systems necessary to get their education and enter the workforce.

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Every child deserves a life free of abuse & neglect

Learn more about how Amethyst Place is helping our community

Recovery Housing for Women & their Children

Single moms who have never had an opportunity to provide for their families, who have been exposed to drugs by their parents, or who trusted adults as children, are given the tools at Amethyst Place to finally stop generational trauma.

At Amethyst Place, these mothers are given a place to stay, drug treatment, and all the support systems necessary to get their education and enter the workforce. Not for jobs, but for stable professions that will allow them to support their families for years to come.

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I do not see any organization in Kansas City doing more with less.

They are getting moms off government support with so few resources, it is amazing. Amethyst place is changing lives in our community and they are doing it on a shoestring but dedicated staff. They only this year brought on their first, part time fundraiser. Their website (http://www.amethystplace.org/) is in desperate need of a face lift and if they can attract more support through that website, I can only imagine how much more impact they can have. They are already doing the work, seeing the results, and it would be such a game changer to have their website reflect that.

—Casey Claps, Nominator & Volunteer at Amethyst Place

Kansas City Autism Training Center
The Kansas City Autism Training Center (KcATC) promotes state-of-the-art autism services and brings them to Kansas City area children and their families.

This organization monitors the short-term and long-term success of their families through a variety of programs as well as their Astra Day School.

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Professional, research-based interventions & training for autistic children.

Learn how the Kansas City Autism Training Center is helping our community

At the Astra Day School, kids are taught to take care of themselves, their friends, and others.

They learn to interact with the world and how to reach their full potential. During these programs, there is a healthy balance of work and play in order to help fully realize a child’s goals—without restricting their time to enjoy being a kid.


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Very well ran organization who puts the children and their families first.

They provide a service that not a lot of other companies in town provide. Facilities and staff are top notch.

–John Doull, Nominator & Friend of the Kansas City Autism Training Center

Operation Wildlife
Operation Wildlife (OWL) is the only wildlife rescue in the state of Kansas.

They take in all animals with the exception of deer and venomous snakes. Even if the animal has a slim chance of survival, the staff and volunteers at OWL make sure every animal receives the best possible care.

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A high quality of care for the animals who need it most

Learn more about how Operation Wildlife is helping our eco-system

The organization survives solely on volunteers and donations.

Without them, there would be no place to take animals who have been injured or babies who have lost their mothers. Additionally, their events, online resources, and programs also promote wildlife education for the citizens of northeast Kansas and northwest Missouri.

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Springtime is the busiest time of year for OWL because of all of the newly born/hatched spring time babies.

OWL currently is taking care of over 100 babies and more arrive every day. These include rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, ducks, chickens, foxes, geese, owls, eagles, etc. The animal care alone is very time consuming, but on top of the extra work needed, we also see a huge influx of phone calls from worried people about bunnies in their yard or an injured bird. Anytime a call is answered, it is time taken away from an animal already at OWL that needs care. The website could answer MANY frequently asked questions in order to save our staff and volunteers time to contribute in more valuable ways. Currently, the website is very basic and provides minimal information. If OWL was chosen as the winner and given a new, more functional website, I have no doubt that our ability to care for animals would increase as would the public’s knowledge on how to be the best possible neighbors to our wildlife friends. I have included photos below from OWLs facebook page that show some of the animals we have helped recently.

–Jessy Wilkes, Nominator & Volunteer at Operation Wildlife

Safehome KS
Safehome KS is the only Domestic Violence agency in Johnson County and the largest in Kansas.

They offer free shelter (60 bed facility), including therapy for adults and children living in the shelter and to all victims who need outpatient therapy. They are the only DV agency that provides free legal services; that includes court advocacy, protection orders, and attorney services.

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Providing a wide scope of services to the women & children of Johnson County

Learn how Safehome KS is helping our community

Safehome also has a 24-7 Emergency Hotline. In 2018, this hotline answered over 5,000 calls.

Every week, 200 men, women and children walk through their doors to rewrite their story. Safehome has 65 passionate employees/advocates who dedicate their lives to victims of Domestic Violence.


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Last year we rolled out a new logo and we desperately need to update and incorporate our new brand to a NEW website.

It is also very important that our website has the capacity to translate easily to Spanish. Safehome is solely funded by grants and fundraising efforts. Due to the Violence Against Crime Act and our Federal VAWA funding, we are not allowed to have a revenue stream. All other Non-profits have some sort of funding stream. We make the best use of our dollars and try to live with an “abundance” mentality, but without a solid revenue stream we cannot afford the flashy websites most Non-profits can. This opportunity would be a game changer for our organization. Thank you for your consideration. Please pick us! 🙂

– Heidi Wooten, Nominator & CEO/Founder of Safehome KS


Sunflower House
Since 1977, Sunflower House has provided Johnson County with youth education programs, adult training programs, forensic interviewing and advocacy, and therapy for children who have been victims of abuse.

They also offer a variety of community events to promote abuse and mental health awareness, advocacy, education, and fundraising.

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At the cornerstone of resources and compassion, you'll find Sunflower House

Learn more about how Sunflower House is providing resources to our community

Sunflower House’s mission is to protect children in the Johnson County community from physical and sexual abuse through education, advocacy, forensic, medical and therapeutic services.

Additionally, Sunflower House is a trusted provider of services for abuse prevention training and interview preparation in legal cases of sexual or physical abuse against a child.

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We’ve worked with many 501c3s in the area and they are among the best.

Their mission, their people, their willingness to learn and grow as an organization make them a worthy cause.

— Tony Sheets, Nominator & Friend of Sunflower House