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How to get more email subscribers

3 Ways to Get More Email Subscribers

Us / July 18, 2016

Are you struggling to build your subscriber list? Lifted Logic presents 3 ways to get more email subscribers.

If you are tired of pouring a large portion of your marketing budget into email campaigns that are not getting the results you had hoped, it may be time to consider what you can do differently. When used correctly, email marketing campaigns can be incredibly successful. By utilizing Lifted Logic’s 3 ways to get more email subscribers from our top marketing professionals, you email campaign is one step closer to achieving an increase in email subscribers.

3 Ways to Get more Email Subscribers

There are a variety of ways businesses can increase their email subscribers, but the following three are our favorite and most lucrative methods:

  1. Make it simple and painless: Do not, we repeat, do not make the email subscribing process difficult. Too many clicks and steps will exhaust your user and they will likely not continue the process. We recommend placing one area where the user can submit their email. Easy as that.
  2. Offer an exclusive deal: Offering your subscribers exclusive deals for being added to your email list is a great way to increase your following fast. For example, you could offer something similar to “If you subscribe, you save 20% off your first order!”
  3.  Avoid being annoying: There is nothing worse than receiving multiple emails a day. If you annoy your clients, they will unsubscribe out of frustration. Figure out the best day, time, and frequency for your email blasts and stick to that schedule.

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