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social media strategy for businesses in kansas city

3 Reasons You Should Have a Social Media Strategy

Social Media / May 11, 2016

Social media is booming more and more every day. How does your business compare? Lifted Logic presents 3 reasons you should have a social media strategy.

Lifted Logic is more than just a website design and development agency. We work tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of your online presence is being optimized whether it be through your actual website design or through your social media accounts. Many businesses struggle with increasing their social media activity. If this sounds like you, here are 3 reasons you should have a social media strategy for every single one of your social media profiles. Lifted Logic now has a social media specialist who focuses on the best tips and tricks on how to build your social media fan base organically.

Lifted Logic’s 3 reasons you should have a social media strategy

It is important to note that while having a massive fan base is great, having fans that do not engage with your content is pointless. So even if you have 200 fans who regularly share and comment on your content, that is much better than having 5000 fans who never say a word. Here are our 3 reasons you should have a social media strategy:

  1. Increase in brand awareness: If you regularly have new deals and products, social media serves as a great tool to increase your brand awareness. Through social media posting, your clients will not likely forget you exist. You will constantly be on their radar.
  2. Builds relationships: By connecting on social media, your clients will appreciate your time to ensure that their needs are met. Social media essentially serves as a community forum. Your clients will be able to rave about your services or contact you if there is an issue. One of our favorite social media profiles to follow that builds relationships is Taco Bell. We love to say, “Be like Taco Bell!”
  3. Reaches your target audience: Social media accounts typically have some sort of advertising and marketing option. You can target your ad to your desired audience. For example, you are able to target your desired age group, gender, interests, location, and more.

Lifted Logic now offers a wide range of social media services which include social media audits, reports, policies, strategies, and more.

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