Mobile & Responsive Web Design In Kansas City

Don’t make users adapt to your website—adapt your website to users

With the increasing diversity of internet-accessible devices, responsive web design, or as Lifted Logic calls it, just web design, has grown beyond static sites for specific screens or devices. From laptops, to phones, tablets, and everything else, your website should just work. We believe that users should have the same emotional response to your website, no matter how they choose to get there.

There are no longer any excuses to alienate the small screen.

Mobile internet is not a fad, it’s not going away, and all the research points to the fact that more than half of your website’s online traffic is mobile.A thriving business is built upon responsiveness and adaptability to a changing marketplace, and your web design is no different. Lifted Logic’s designers and developers understand this and work to build a mobile experience that attracts users instead of driving them away.

Built for Success 

When Lifted Logic constructs a mobile web design, we make sure the site:

Looks great from phone to desktop and everywhere in between

Loads quickly and responds even quicker

Drives new mobile business instead of slowing it down