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What is your online presence telling users about your business?

Your website is making hundreds, thousands, millions of impressions on your behalf. You should feel confident in its ability to help users efficiently understand who you are, and ultimately, give people ample reason to work with you.

As a seasoned web design company, Lifted Logic specializes in aligning your values as a business with what you’re putting out into the world wide web. No matter your size or industry, we deliver custom web design and marketing to businesses in Tulsa.

The Lifted Logic team has created incredible websites for  businesses all over the country.

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Past Clients

Businesses all over the Tulsa community have chosen us to create a killer website and better their digital presence. You have goals, and we can help you achieve them. A cool part of our job is getting to know new businesses, and turning their mission, values, and goals into a website that helps them grow. And, we’re good at it. Our team of creatives will put together a custom strategy of proven methods to make sure your presence on the web is getting you where you want to be. Plus, we’ll help you evaluate the performance of your new website using analytical data, so you know it’s working.


Training Tulsa Businesses

Launching your new website doesn’t mean we leave you in the dust (come on guys, the dust bowl was a long time ago)! Lifted Logic is always on your team. We offer free training for the life of your website, meaning we’ll make sure you have all the skills to maintain and update your cool new site. And, for as long as you want, we’ll check in once a month to make sure you’re staying at peak performance.


Partner With Us for Ongoing Marketing

Your marketing and advertising efforts should be an extension of your website that propel you toward achieving your goals on an ongoing basis. Just like your site, they should reflect your brand and be a resource to learn more about your business. Lifted Logic offers AdWords campaign management and marketing packages to boost your deliverable content. Choose a unique package of SEO auditing, social media posts, blogs, newsletters, and custom photo and video to get started. Month over month, our strategists, content team, and designers create professional, impressionable deliverables custom to your brand and plan.

Not ready to commit to a marketing plan? We understand. We still want to set you up for success. Lifted Logic offers free education consultations and opportunities to all of our clients. Hit us up any time and we’ll show you the SEO ropes, or any other content planning and creating process you’d like to learn more about.

Managing User Expectations

We spend a lot of time here at Lifted Logic considering the implications of a world growing more and more digital every second, and its effect on our existential purpose #IntenseThoughts. As someone concerned with marketing or advertising for a business, maybe you relate. But we’re all just mere mortals figuring it out as best we can.

What we’ve learned is that there’s a lot at play when online users perform searches in popular engines like Google. Maybe that’s how you got here! Your website and marketing efforts must consider the needs and the intent of users who search for things related to your industry, products, or services. This could simply be the difference between keying in “web design” vs. “web designers.” The intent of the first search could be to find information about web design as a service or industry, while the latter could be looking for information about web design as a career.

We specialize in creatively constructing the content on your website to match the intent of search engine junkies. We help businesses effectively employ strategies like SEO, high-quality writing, professional photo and video, technical website building, and more. These are skills that take careful planning and dedication to detail. Each piece comes together to create an authentic, story-driven reflection of who you are that is also optimized for search results. Matching user intent is what converts users into clients, and your website into a data-powered tool that drives growth.


Connecting with Tulsa

Tulsa has a diverse population and a history that continues to influence its culture today. Beyond the art deco architecture and southern barbecue, Tulsa is a place that captures small town in a big city vibes (by Oklahoma’s standards). Effective marketing is knowing what your target audience is looking for, as much as who they are.

Part of our pre-web design strategy is working with you to identify who your website should be speaking to, and what is most important to communicate to them. Naturally, we want to illustrate your identity as a business, your values, your mission, and what you offer, but it’s paramount to do so in a way that resonates with your desired audience. People of all ages and demographics consume endless amounts of content daily. Lifted Logic is committed to making yours stand out and engage the people that would make worthy clients of yours 🤝

We achieve this through digital storytelling. Your website isn’t a resume, it’s an interview. Every aspect is designed to capture the attention of your audience at lightning speed and prove to them why they should choose you. From aesthetic design to gripping copy, to elements that might fly under the radar if done well, like quick loading times and quality photo and video. This is why we work hard: to bring you well-rounded, straightforward digital content that creates a lasting impact for your audience.

Writing content for a website, and all the other elements of web design as well, are really about optimization. That’s what we do here. Just like the UX and UI of a website function to make it easy and enjoyable for the users that traffic it, your content should be showing people what they are interested in, and showing up when they need it.

To illustrate, let’s pretend you’re a bakery in Tulsa looking to attract customers from Tulsa. If someone googles “cupcakes in Tulsa,” you want to be the first thing that pops up in the search results, right? We can help you make that happen with our wicked SEO (Search Engine Optimization) skills 😎

You might have heard of SEO before, but we want to emphasize that it is an entirely more impactful tool than simply repeating key words an obscene amount of times, at least when we do it. We combine effective storytelling, relevant digital media, and technical SEO practices to make sure that search engines like Google can’t help but notice—and rank—your site. It’s been said around our office before that Google might not be as smart as you think it is. Our team has the tools to build you a website that’s smarter.

Now, diving into the location piece of this puzzle. You’re still a bakery in Tulsa. What if someone googles “cupcakes in Broken Arrow,” do you still want to show up? Sure! Broken Arrow is a suburb of Tulsa, so that makes sense. Let’s say it was reversed, and you were a bakery in Broken Arrow looking to attract customers from Broken Arrow. If someone googles “cupcakes in Tulsa,” do you still want to rank first in the search results? Maybe not. What we’re really getting at is this: SEO is a pivotal strategy to help you accomplish your specific business goals.


What happens after SEO does its job?

We’re so glad you asked (we love this part). What makes Lifted Logic the best agency around is our ability to combine strategy, content, design, and development to build a website that doesn’t make any sacrifices—functionality, effectiveness, or aesthetics. You could rank first in Google for every search-worthy keyword you want, but it won’t matter if the web page users land on isn’t relevant to them, doesn’t look good, or is hard to use. Give the people what they want!

This means we have to look at your business like the special, unique entity it is. Your business has a story to tell. The colors, fonts, and layout communicate how users should feel about you. The page pathways, buttons, and forms help users get the information they need. The content educates and convinces them as to why they should work with you. Your business deserves a web development agency as well-rounded as you are, so look to the team that can do it all.


The Scoop on T-Town

The thing people love about Tulsa is the dynamic match of suburban structure and southern hospitality. It’s big enough that businesses and companies of all kinds can thrive, and small in the way that people truly value others in the business world that they can trust to have their best interest at heart. It’s not always just what you know, it’s who.

So how can you translate your trustworthiness to the digital sphere? Growing your business in an online world means being informative, accessible, and relevant. But it’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. Your website should communicate to users what your values are, as much as what you have to offer.


What’s Tulsa’s Business?

Tulsa is home to some of the largest companies nationwide in a variety of industries, including aerospace, energy, healthcare, technology, manufacturing, and transportation. While these major industries reflect the larger industrial landscape in the city, there are an equal number of thriving small businesses in communities local to Tulsa.

A highly effective website isn’t a need specific to any one industry, or business size. Whether you’re engineering airplanes, seeing patients, or baking cakes, a strong online presence is an asset. Honestly, we believe it’s a necessity. Our world will only continue to digitize, which is awesome for people like us. Make sure you’re ahead of the curve by making your mission and values as a company readily available to the people you’re prepared to serve and impact. Effective digital storytelling can make or break even the most high-tech businesses. Not to mention other prominent Tulsa community members, like non-profit and religious organizations, who can use these principles to attract and engage with potential members.

We want to be the best web design agency in Tulsa.
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Our Lifted Logic team is full of creative do-ers, which is why we offer a la carte marketing items for businesses with more precise content, design, and branding needs. Dream it up, and we’ll put our people to work. From business cards to video work, to blog posts, we’ve got you covered. Collaborate with us to come up with awesome deliverables for your website or ongoing marketing efforts.

Or, come up with something yourself and we’ll tell you what we think. You can schedule a chat or consultation anytime to take a closer look at analytics that track your impressions, ROI, conversion rates, and much more.


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