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Lifted Logic is based in Kansas City and recognized nationally as a 100% in-house web design and digital marketing agency.

Your website is your best salesperson and works on your behalf. Does it match up with your brand, mission, and goals as a company? Do users feel like they can get to know and trust you? Does your site generate quality leadsβ€”and more importantly, revenue?

In general, your website can do a lot of heavy lifting to provide important information to users, help them make decisions, and ensure you’re the right fit for their needs.

We help businesses all over the country build their brand, implement strategy, and produce results to improve their online presence and grow their business.

No matter where you are in the country, we can provide the results you’re looking for.

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Past Clients

Lifted Logic has worked with several Santa Fe businesses to grow their online presence and help them achieve their goals. By talking through everything there is to know about your business, we come up with solutions and strategies tailored to YOU. Our team uses our years of expertise and tried-and-true strategies to create a custom website that will grow right along with you.


Training to set you up for success.

When your new website launches, we won’t throw up the peace sign✌️ and leave you hanging. Our team sticks with you post-launch to check in on your website performance and help you get the most out of your new site. We offer free training services to help you manage your website, make updates, and more for the lifetime of your website by Lifted Logic.


Long-Term Marketing Plans

To continue growing your online presence, we provide ongoing Google Ads advertising campaign management and marketing packages. Our marketing plans include additional SEO site content, newsletter blasts, social media posts, and professional photography and video. Whether you want to start small or #GoBigOrGoHome, we have a marketing package to meet the needs of your business. Our content strategists help you make a plan for your next year of marketing topics, and our writers and designers create monthly deliverables personalized to your brand and business goals.

Not quite ready to commit to a marketing package? We offer free SEO blog training for clients with Lifted Logic sites. We’re more than happy to help you learn how to do what we do! We don’t believe in keeping secrets, and we’re terrible at it anyway. Our team loves educating clients on everything we do for content writing and SEO! From the mechanics of planning, outlining, and other writing specifics, to all of the little extras we do to optimize for search. We’ve got your back and love helping our clients achieve their goals, regardless of which route you choose for your marketing!

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Digital Storytelling

Digital storytelling is a highly unique form of writing. It’s not like putting together your resume or writing an essay. It’s easy-to-read yet engaging content that gets a user’s attention within seconds. Your website can tell the story of your business with high-quality visuals, informative content, and intuitive design. Lifted Logic works to tell this story and engage with your target audience with digestible, straightforward content, design, photos, and videos.


Understanding the Average Online User

Like most bustling cities in the US, Santa Fe residents and visitors heavily rely on online search engines for all types of needs: to find information, navigate to a specific site, shop and make online purchases, or conduct a commercial search before making a purchase decision. (If you found Lifted Logic by searching “web design” or “marketing agency near me,” you performed a commercial search!)

As you can see, there are different types of user search intent, so it’s important for your online presence to meet the demands of the modern internet user. As time passes, users’ expectations rise; they want to find what they need when they need it by searching online. The web presence of your business is often that first impression with potential customers, so it’s essential to create a genuine, memorable, and informative user experience.

Even though it’s not as big as cities like New York or L.A., the digital space in Santa Fe has a lot of noise. With so many options and choices, your business has to be both findable and trustworthy. At Lifted Logic, we accomplish this by showcasing a genuine representation of who you are and what you do and optimizing your content for search. Doing this well takes careful strategy, planning, and dedication. As a web design and marketing agency, Lifted Logic’s team uses data and in-depth strategy to create a custom website to meet the needs of your business, current customers, and prospective customers.


Why we optimize your site content.

Basically, you need to be “findable” online if you want to grow your business organically using the magic of the interwebs. For real, there is a reason “Google it” has made it into everyday language. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and even Apple Maps are all doing their best to serve up search results, and people rely on these every day to get the information they need.

Because of this, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is super important if you want to show up on those search results pages. Lifted Logic’s approach to web writing is unique; we combine creative writing, tenets of digital storytelling, and technical SEO tools to help search engines notice and rank your site in their results.

A large component of SEO is aligning your content and optimization efforts with user intent. This is creating and tailoring your content to match the intention behind a search query. We build sites that aren’t just pretty to look at, they’re expertly optimized for SEO and a fantastic user experience.


The Digital Space

Santa Fe is a city unlike any other in the US. Its vibrant culture and history are proudly on display throughout the city, and its inhabitants have a wide range of interests and backgrounds, truly marking it as The City Different. With a steady job market and tourism contributing to its economy, Santa Fe is a destination for New Mexico natives and out-of-towners alike, and Santa Fe businesses have tons of growth potential.


The Santa Fe Business Landscape

At its heart, Santa Fe is a city built to entertain. Its economy relies on the over 1.6 million visitors the city receives annually, and it is routinely listed as one of the top cities to visit in America. As the capital of New Mexico, government work is the prevailing employer in the area as well. The city also has a growing research and technology market, with the Los Alamos National Laboratory nearby.

All of this contributes to Santa Fe’s ever-evolving business landscape. With great opportunities for growth, your business has the potential to reach people online.


Connecting With Your City

The communities within Santa Fe are as tight-knit now as they were back in the early 1600s, so your site has to resonate with your audience. Lifted Logic can help you talk through your target audience to refine your approach to reaching high-quality leads. You don’t want to spend time and energy writing content that doesn’t apply to your main demographic!

Our marketers and strategists will help you not only figure out who your audience is, but what appeals to them and makes them tick. What do they look for in a business? What trust signals help them choose you for their business? What are their values? All of these traits influence how to connect with your audience. It’s hard to make a personable impression on the internet (trust us, we know all about that struggle), but thoughtful strategy and great content are building blocks for an engaging website that produces results.


Location, location, location.

Location is a large part of SEO efforts. If you can’t show up locally when you depend on customers who are near you, you’re going to notice it in your site lead generation (conversion) rates. If your business is in Santa Fe and customers are coming to you from the city, you want to appear when they’re searching terms directly related to your business. The local SEO strategy can change based on your business goals and audience.

A lot of other factors go into Google understanding the location you serve, and Lifted Logic takes these all into account when writing optimized content for your website. So, whaddaya say? Ready to have coffee with us?


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