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Your website is a crucial foundation for your digital marketing in today’s business landscape, but it’s only a piece of the puzzle. Social media, email marketing, and paid advertising all contribute to your overall business image, and therefore your success. If you’re engaging in digital marketing near Saint Louis, how do you know you’re efforts at paying off?

Based in Kansas City, Lifted Logic is nationally recognized as a 100% in-house digital marketing and web design agency. We help Saint Louis businesses build their brand, implement strategic marketing, and produce measurable ROI.

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Building Your Digital Presence

Saint Louis is a thriving metropolitan area with a steady, diverse economy ripe for business growth if you’ve got a competitive edge. Your digital presence can be that competitive edge if you set it up correctly.

Staking your claim on the Internet is essential in today’s digital world, but it’s even more important to stake it well. We’re talking about a staking that could dust a vampire 🧛

That’s where a solid SEO strategy comes in. If you’re a new business, you might not have the domain authority to rank highly with your digital marketing in Saint Louis as a whole, but you can target the immediate suburbs around your business to make sure you’re ranking in your immediate location.

Establish Your Domain (Authority)

Domain authority (DA) is a combination of how long your website has been active, how many keywords it ranks for, and how many inbound links point to it. While search engines don’t use DA to determine ranking, we can use it to measure how you compare against your local competitors.

As your domain authority grows, it becomes easier to rank for more competitive keyphrases in a larger geographic area.

What are keyphrases, again?

Keyphrases are the words that users type into search engines like Google. Like “Digital agency near me” or “how to succeed at digital marketing,” or “where’s the best Italian restaurant in St. Louis and why is it Charlie Gitto’s on the Hill.”

Ok, that last one is bit more specific than users tend to get. But, users tend to turn to search engines for answers to all sorts of questions. As your SEO strategist, our job isn’t just to get your business in front of as many users as possible, it’s to get you in front of the right users who are most likely to benefit from your products and services.

Welcome to Our Buried SEO Treasure

If you’re one of the users who googled “digital marketing agency near me” and are actually taking the time to read this SEO flyout, you’re in the minority of users. Most users will google, click, and determine what they want out of a web page in less than 1 minute, sometimes even less than 30 seconds.

Snazzy, easy-to-read copy is an important part of ranking well, as is having longer word counts than your competitors, but users on the web don’t read they skim. Writing for the web is a different skill set than writing a book or those school papers we all procrastinated on. Users don’t want to face an Everest of text, they want to easily find what they need.

That’s why we put the most important parts of a web page at the top (i.e. the button to contact us, and a quick summary of what we do) and tuck the longer texts away with top-notch web design.

Why Your Business Needs a Blog

When most people think of bloggers they probably think of personality bloggers in fashion and travel. However, SEO blogging is an effective strategy for growing your business online.

We know it can feel very overwhelming to start breaking ground with a fresh digital marketing strategy. Never fear! That’s what experts like us are made for. We live and breathe digital marketing strategies every day so you don’t have to.

More than that, we’ll offer you free training to help get things off the ground. We’re happy to work with you to make sure you know how to take full advantage of your digital marketing near Saint Louis. Not only do we build websites, we offer long-term marketing partnerships to help your business continue to thrive.

We’re in it for the long haul

At Lifted Logic, we aren’t here to build your website and peace out. We’re in the business of helping your business succeed, and that’s why our agency offers a multitude of services in digital marketing near Saint Louis.

Our digital agency is home to experts in paid advertising campaigns, SEO blogging, email marketing, and social media management. Plus, we’ve got a full in-house media team capable of the best photos and videos to showcase your business.

Whether you’re just dipping your toes in the digital marketing world or are ready to start a trending campaign, Lifted Logic’s got your back!

We get it! You’re busy being a boss and running your business. You might not have the time to dedicate to creating engaging copy for all of your digital marketing platforms and managing when it goes out.

That’s why we want to humbly offer our services as a digital agency in Saint Louis to help you tell your digital story. We’ve been doing this for years and can provide the expertise you need to grow your business.

We want to be the best digital marketing agency in Saint Louis.
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Bring Us Your Wildest Website Ideas

We’ve worked with businesses from all sorts of industries, both national and international. Tell us your wildest business ideas, and we’ll help you figure out how to make it happen or we’ll recommend proven alternatives.

We’re not here to send you on a marketing goose chase, we use data-backed strategies to get your business real results.

As a full-fledged digital agency near Saint Louis, we also provide à la carte services for content, design, photos/videos, development, and more. We have you covered on everything from logos to commercials and everything in between when it comes to digital marketing near Saint Louis and beyond!

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