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How does your digital marketing drive users to your website? Does it initially engage their curiosity? Does your social media create a trustworthy image? Does the story it tells turn users into leads? Lifted Logic is ready to help.

Based in Kansas City and recognized nationally as a 100% in-house digital marketing & web design agency, Lifted Logic helps Boise businesses do business. We build brands, implement strategies, and produce results to improve your online presence and lift your bottom line.

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Get Ready To Succeed Out Loud

Digital marketing can seem overwhelming at first glance: where to post social media for the best impact, how to find content, what makes the best branding, how to record & distribute podcasts, writing blogs and newsletters and posts oh my!😳 Don’t worry: the Lifted Logic team works WITH you, and if you want—FOR you—to create and implement modern digital marketing strategies. We’ll help track performance once they launch, too, so that you can take full advantage of your marketing channels. We’ll help you understand which social media posts, newsletters, podcasts, etc are getting the best traction, so that you can use what works best, achieve targets, and keep your marketing content tasty and fresh.


Past Clients

Lifted Logic has collaborated with a variety of Boise businesses to elevate their digital marketing (and, therefore, their number of leads).

We offer ongoing Adwords advertising campaign management and marketing packages. These packages contain valuable tools such as SEO blog content, newsletters, social posts, and professional photos & videos. Whether you’re just looking to give it a try—or you’re ready to start a trending campaign—we have options perfect for your Boise business. We’ll also set you up with free SEO blog training. DIY is A-OK with us, and we can help you grasp the smart, industry-proven ways to make the most of your writing and story telling. In other words, we’ll get you optimized for success.

We understand that every business has unique needs and goals for their journey with us, so let’s get to know each other! After nailing down your mission, values, and goals, we’ll put together a digital marketing plan just for you, with proven methods and creative solutions to reach your target audiences.

Web Design for Powerful Presence

What will your digital marketing point to? Your website! It’s a necessary step in the marketing funnel, helping your customer get to know you, your product, and how a relationship with your company can help them live better. As your campaigns continue driving more traffic to your website, you’ll get more leads through user-centric design elements that give users valuable information, and supply you with valuable leads. Our web design team has one goal: to help your business continue to grow.

If you’re not quite ready to commit, no worries! Lifted Logic’s team of nerds would love to show you the ins and outs of what we do (since our other friends are probably tired of hearing about it). Contact us for a free one hour consultation. Let’s talk about how you can talk to the world about your amazing company!


Digital Storytelling

The web has changed how we reach the eyes and ears of consumers. Fact is, getting someone to arrive at your website is as important—or more—than getting them through your front door the first time. When they meet your website, they meet you.

Digital storytelling provides a unique, collaborative and creative way to tell your company’s story. It’s not a long biography full of industry jargon. It’s not a video that extols your genius through flattery and stock footage/b-roll. Digital storytelling is dynamic. Think of it as a sparkly teaser that makes a potential customer want ot know more about your business. It grabs the attention of users at-a-glance, generating immediate curiosity. That curiosity leads to the results you want: increased site traffic for increased leads. Digital storytelling combines interesting images and easily-digestible but captivating copy. Plus, that story gets optimized for SEO, helping you rank higher on search engines.


Once Upon a Timely Experience

Where do you start for digital storytelling? The first step requires an understanding of the average online user. Boise residents, along with most internet users, turn to search engines for a range of needs. Directions to destinations, how-to videos, online reviews, the latest news & weather & sports, online shopping (and lots of that!), plus much more. You might have found Lifted Logic through a web search, after typing in something to the effect of “web design agency near me.” Thanks for finding us, btw!

To get the best results from digital storytelling, you have to think like a user. You have to figure out not just the words they might type into their search engine, but also their intent for their search. There’s a huge difference on a search engine results page between “electric drill” and “how to dill a hole.” Both will generally include an electric drill in the results, but the intent of the user’s search is very different. We know it can be hard to step back from your business and step into a new mindset. But as you can tell, if you can’t really hone in on what users are searching for, you can’t find the right keyphrases to make your business rise to the top of those search results.   Your business needs to be able to meet this user’s search needs in order for them to even find your business. Every year, the bar is raised for what users expect of a business’s online presence.

The Lifted Logic strategy uses deep knowledge about your target audience, the user intent, and the content of your site to tell users “Look, we’re your answer!” Once they find you, your digital story needs to isntantly instill feelings of reliability, trust, and expertise. We do this by telling your brand’s authentic story along with optimizing your content for search. We won’t kid you—making this all happen requires a lot of thought, design, editing, creating, tweaking, and time. You may not be able to invest those hours to make it work right, so the Lifted Logic team is ready to assist. We’ll create a customized plan involving effective strategies that will draw users through data-driven decisions and in-depth search engine research.


Why should your site content be optimized?

Would you rather your business required lots of effort for people to find it, or would you prefer your business to be easily discovered online? Simply put—if you want to find a certain shop or service, what do you do?

You Google it, of course!

Google is the #1 search engine, and people sue it to find all kinds of content every minute of every day. So when we optimize your content, we’re not just creating attention-grabbing, easy-to-read copy—we’re helping search engines see your content quickly and rank it higher. Suddenly your business and its link pop up higher on a user’s search engine results page. That’s super-important. Research has shown that the larger percent of users rarely scroll past the first page. All of this combines is what makes SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so important.

At Lifted Logic, we understand that user intent is just as important as SEO. User intent could be anything from “best Italian restaurant near me” to “cars for sale online.” We optimize your copy to include the words and phrases the user is likely to use in their search. Our creative writing and brand storytelling expertise weave them seamlessly into your digital storytelling to create the best possible user experience.

Finding Boise’s Digital Pulse

As the capital of Idaho, Boise has made Idaho proud by thriving as one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S. The “city of trees” may not elicit the cachet of a super high-tech city like New York or Los Angeles, but with the population boom of recent years, the number of online users is booming too.


On-Target for Online

Boise’s high-growth industries include food production, energy, manufacturing, and technology.

You might think the state’s biggest export is delicious potatoes, but the truth is that over 70% of the state’s exports come from the computer and electronics industry. Boise serves as a significantly more affordable launch pad option for tech careers, including solar energy, battery production, and more. This educated, industrious populace connects with major producers and consumers online every day.


Making the Community Connection

When people in Boise discover dependable businesses who provide excellent products and services, those people stay loyal to these trusted brands. If you want to be one of these success stories, you have to create and maintain a relationship with consumers that benefits them both short-term and long-term. Your website content accomplishes this, along with your social media. These both speak for you, creating conversations that get results. If you spend time writing content aimed at the wrong people, you’ve wasted hours of your life creating that content, and precious first-impressions.  Lifted Logic is here to help you nail down your target audience and find the most effective communication method specific to them and your industry.

Once we know who to talk to, the creative techie-talkers at Lifted Logic research what makes your target audience attracted to a certain service, product, or brand. What do they value? What do they need for success? What do they want for satisfaction? We’ll work with you to combine industry insights and data with your brand identity to create the perfect online presence.


Location, location, execution.

Want more potential clients to find you so that you can start a relationship? You have to optimize your website and your content for the right location. Showing up locally for search engine results is vital. If your business is in Boise, then most of your customers are likely Idaho locals. To have them see you and hear you requires showing up quickly and easily when they come looking, digitally speaking.  Unfortunately, is not as easy to do as “X marks the spot.” Local SEO strategies change depending on your local competition and goals.

Let’s say you’re a new business just now hanging its shingle in a Boise suburb like Garden City. You might think Boise is the bigger pond to go fishing in, but you need to cast your line where the best fish are. So when you optimize your content, you should do it for Garden City, not Boise! To be sure, there are other factors search engines account for when building a search engine results page (SERP) for users in your service area. However, this general rule helps you can hone in on the local customers who are more likely to buy locally. That’s where we do our voodoo so well. The LL team will research all this and more before we begin writing and optimizing your site’s content.

We want to be the best digital marketing agency in Boise.
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We work with a huge variety of clients in all kinds of industries to help their digital marketing work better, and not just because we like to learn new things and keep things spicy.

Want to run a new promotion? Target a new market? Our clients get ongoing support and a safe space to discuss ideas and do the math give you the best recommendations that will make sense for your target ROI.

The Lifted Logic web design team also provides à la carte services for content, design, photos/videos, development, and more. We have you covered on everything from logos to commercials. Crazy smart. Crazy cool. Crazy good results. Let’s get crazy.

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