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How to Prepare for Your Video Testimonial

How to Prepare for Your Video Testimonial, from a Professional Videographer

Business & Marketing Strategy / May 30, 2016

video-943568_640Are you nervous about being interviewed for a video testimonial? Lifted Logic presents how to prepare for your video testimonial.

At Lifted Logic, we know that being interviewed can be intimidating. If you have been asked to provide a testimonial for a business, chances are that you are a little lost in the preparation for it. By utilizing our tricks on how to prepare for your video testimonial, you can feel more at ease during the process.

How to Prepare for Your Video Testimonial

  • Consider why and whatThink long and hard about what particular service you loved and exactly why you loved it. Was the product high quality? Did the staff answer your every question? We recommend that you be as specific and detailed as possible, this provides a personal connection to those who are viewing your testimonial.
  • Be sincere: Do not agree to being in a testimonial unless you can completely back up their services, products, and mission. Businesses want a testimonial that speaks about what they have to offer in a positive light, not one clouded by obligation and insincerity.
  • Be real: By practicing, avoiding a word for word script, and feeling as relaxed as possible, you will come across as a real customer. Someone who legitimately came for a product, loved what they experienced, and wanted to let the community know about the business will be better received than someone who does not.

If you think ahead about what product/service you loved, why you loved it, sincerely believe in the company, and work hard to portray yourself as a real customer (and not hired help), you are one step closer to being in a successful video testimonial.

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