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A Year in Review – Digital Video Production in Kansas City


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If you’re remotely invested in marketing, we’re sure you’ve heard the year digital video production in Kansas City for the past 2 years.

*flash headline* Year of the video 2015!

*flash headline* 2016 – Officially the Year of the Video!

*flash headline* 2017! The Year of the Video!!

Okay okay, enough. We get it.

It’s redundant but is digital video production in Kansas City significant? You bet it is.

Too Powerful to Ignore.

Since 2015, video has built momentum as a powerful marketing tool. Now we’re in a market so dominated by video the statistics will shock you.

  • 75% of business executives watch work related videos weekly
  • 59% of users choose video over text if they had one option
  • 54% of business professionals share videos with colleagues at least weekly


Not to mention video is an excellent storytelling medium that will increase brand awareness, generate leads for companies and build valuable content for users to continually engage with your brand.

Top of mind awareness anyone?

A Quality Video? It tells your story

The digital & video world sees a lot of traffic. How do you stand out? Well, that boils down to the difference between a generic video and quality digital video production in Kansas City which can stand out in the crowd. And that starts with capturing your story.

This is a huge task – imagine perfectly balancing ALL of these elements:

  • Client vision
  • Brand voice represented
  • Branding standards embodied
  • Clearly communicated video script
  • Camera angles
  • Lighting
  • Overall tone
  • Stylistic choices
  • Clean & precise video production

A completely tailored experience, each element complementing the other to communicate your brand & your story.


The stories we captured in 2016.


Drew traveled around Kansas City and the United States shooting like a madman in 2016. Sometimes we wondered if he even still worked here…

Each client working with Lifted Logic brainstorms the possibilities of video during our discovery and content phase. We really like to dig into the core of your business and identify which pieces, or stories, could be maximized with the power of video.

Check out some examples of the stories we captured in 2016.


1. Tying Company Values to Family Values.

Apollo Insurance Agency – Homepage Header Click-to-Play Video

We created an all-american family themed video to communicate and appeal to families. The trick? We had 24 hours to prepare.

A perfect subject with a tight schedule.

As we all know, families are extremely busy, so when we asked this family if they’d be willing to participate in a video shoot, they happily agreed under one condition: the shoot had to happen the next day in order to work with their busy schedules. This was the perfect family for the video and we weren’t about to let the opportunity slip through our fingers.

Pulling Long Hours for A Great Shoot.

Pre-production normally includes hours of planning, but we worked late into the night, storyboarding and writing to prepare to shoot the next day. Our hard work paid off, everything went perfectly the next day.

Creating the Right Experience.

During the post-production and editing stage, our videographer employed new techniques – layering audio to build an intimate mood so the viewer feels as if they personally know the family. Apollo was blown away by the final product and we couldn’t be happier with it either.


2. 360° Product View.

Magnum ENP

Digital Video Production in Kansas City

A Unique Challenge.

Shooting photo and video for Magnum was both a challenging and very rewarding endeavor. They came to us with a request for a full site update including 360 degree product views of their revolutionary sod harvesting machines.

Rethinking a Technique to Succeed.  

At Lifted Logic, it seems we can never not accept a challenge. Normally, to make a rotating 360 degree product view, a photographer remains stationary while taking photos of the product on a rotating turntable. This approach wasn’t an option for us since turntables over 50 feet in diameter are scarce. Instead, we opted to leave the machinery stationary as the photographer moved around it, taking over 50 photos of each piece of equipment from a constant distance all around.

We were able to combine 10-15 photos of the product and create a slider for users view the product from every possible angle.

3. Capturing Industry Expertise.

LilyPad EV – Homepage Header Click-to-Play Video

LilyPad EV installs electric vehicle charging stations in the Kansas City area. They came to us for a full site update, including video. After meeting owners Keith and Larry, we knew that we wanted to use interviews to showcase their extensive industry knowledge and expertise.

A style similar to Apple, but custom to LilyPad.

During preparation for their interview, we made the decision to use an infinity background, to create a style similar to Apple’s interviews. We shot b-roll in multiple locations where LilyPad had installed their chargers, including a Whole Foods, Black & Veatch, and our own office!

Each location posed different shooting conditions and challenges, but each came out beautifully in the end product.


4. Beautiful & Aesthetically Driven.

Total Package Medspa

Aesthetic clinics are an industry focused on improving the aesthetics and overall physical appearance of their clients. Therefore, the website had to be beautiful.

Capturing the environment of their facility.

Drew really focused on capturing different angles of Total Package Medspa new, modern clinic. Capturing the aesthetics of their clinic with communicates to potential clients the experience they can expect at Total Package Medspa.

Videos of Every Procedure.

Our team drove to South Dakota to film every procedure Total Package Medspa offered their clients. We used each video as a banner video on each procedure page. Displaying the procedure communicates transparency to clients, allowing them to buy into the process of aesthetic medicine before walking through Total Package’s door.

Breathtaking Photos.

The photos were taken on site at Total Package Medspa. Drew captured the owner’s farm in South Dakota to tie their business back to their geographic location. In addition, he shot the head shots of each team member. We’re so proud of this site and our clients were happy too!


Let’s meet, let’s chat, let’s create.

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