Pilates 1901

Stretching and flexing the Pilates 1901 brand

Taking an established business to the next level through gorgeous design, incredible functionality, beautiful visual media, and top-quality content and marketing services.

Trust that Lifted Logic will take your business to the next level, and help improve your presence online, and your brand offline.

Taking an established brand and making it better

Pilates 1901 owner Tina Sprinkle brought the fun-filled world of Pilates to Lifted Logic's doorstep with a desire to grow her business in a sustainable way, with long-term goals in mind. While Pilates 1901 had an online presence, a substantial one at that, Tina found that her website just was not converting the amount of users that it needed to in order to keep her business booming.

After meeting with the enthusiastic Lifted Logic team, Tina realized the vast, nearly infinite potential to broaden her brand's reach in Kansas City and surrounding areas. After turning the new, colorful, and modern Pilates 1901 website live, complete with an HD video and gorgeous photography, the Pilates 1901 brand exploded. Tina and her staff now turn to Lifted Logic for many ongoing services, in addition to a brand new web application to take the business another step higher.

Making sure the fun, bright personality of Pilates 1901 shines through everywhere

The old Pilates 1901 website did nothing to showcase who Tina, and the rest of her incredible training staff, was. None of the vibrant Pilates 1901 personality or brand was able to shine through the website. Additionally, customers were getting confused and were unsure of where to go to purchase classes, redeem Groupons, or register for the innovative Pilates 1901 fat loss program, T School. Now, the beautiful new Pilates 1901 website allows users to quickly see all the classes offered at Pilates 1901, along with purchasing and reserving spots in classes, users can register for T School, and Tina can continue to interact with her clientele by being very active on her blog. The Lifted Logic team listened and learned about what sort of user interaction constitutes a success for Pilates 1901 and built a custom website to drive conversions. We are happy to report that Pilates 1901 is almost entirely booked up and Tina has come back to us to create a video targeting Pilates instructors looking for work!

Due to the massive success of the website, Tina requested that Lifted Logic's team build a custom web application for her innovative T School program. This web app allows T School coaches to take photos, record measurements, and track progress quickly and automatically. T School students can also log in to view their own progress and stay motivated throughout the entire program!

How we help these incredible Pilates gurus

Pilates 1901 has received a broad range of Lifted Logic services. Our developers built and maintain the website, in addition to building the high functionality in the web application. Our designers took the Pilates 1901 logo and really turned it into a far-reaching brand with custom print design, t-shirt design, and e-newsletter design. Our writers provide regular SEO blogging services to the website, in order to further attract new clientele and our marketers manage Pilates 1901's paid search campaigns. Finally, our videographer goes to work on multiple video projects for Pilates 1901, and took all of the gorgeous photography featured on the heavily visual website.

We love Pilates 1901 and we have a lot of respect for the fitness empire that Tina has built. Check out what she had to say about us in the video above!

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