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Ignite the ancient past.
Company overview

Museum at Prairiefire is a natural history and science museum displaying artifacts in the KC region and around the world. The Museum engages visitors and students with world-class exhibitions, important programming, and significant educational and STEM opportunities. Museum at Prairiefire has a unique collaboration with the American Museum of Natural History, as well as with other cultural and educational institutions.


Simplify the user’s experience.

It’s very common for museum websites to become overcrowded with information, Museum at Prairiefire’s website faced the same challenges. Our task was to take everything the museum had to offer – tickets, exhibits, events, etc. – and organize it in a way that made it easy for users to find what they are looking for.

Their space, front and center,

Our designer used a modern, minimal style to showcase the award-winning, 42,000 square foot facility. It’s the first building in North America to feature dichroic glass on its exterior. This light-bending material, developed by NASA to protect its astronauts’ eyes from the radiation of the sun, absorbs light as tone color on its exterior and filters into an entirely different hue on its interior. Our designer created a wonderful balance between rich photography and white text dominant sections.

complemented by information.

Since Museum at Prairiefire is first an foremost a museum, we had to think of a strong strategy to balance a user’s desire for visuals and educational information required by the Museum for each attraction. Our team created a website that is easy to navigate and learn more about what the museum had to offer. Who said text-heavy sites couldn’t be beautiful?

An international science destination

The photography captures the timely and scientifically accurate exhibitions curated by top research scientists in the country at Museum at Prairiefire. Past exhibits include the powerful link between humans and horses; fireflies and medicine; and the biggest, smallest, and most amazing species of all time.

Hold the pieces of science in your hands.

Complementing the AMNH exhibitions, Museum at Prairiefire offerings include the Discovery Room for children ages 3-12, events and programming such as Science Happy Hour and Little Explorers Club, stunning artifacts from national and regional collections, and two amazing Virtual Reality Experiences.


A design that captures your attention. 

Our team designed and built a beautiful website that showcases Museum at Prairiefire’s beautiful facility and the historically rich information the museum provides the community. Users can easily find exhibits, purchase tickets and reserve space to host events.

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