As a videographer/photographer, your focus will be shooting and editing dynamic, exciting videos and photos for use within the websites we build. While the story we are telling may vary depending on the project, our commitment to quality remains constant. We primarily tell the client’s stories through silently looping background videos, b-roll videos with voice-over and music, and short corporate style interviews. Most websites have a combination of these video elements, plus photos of the business, team members, products, and processes. We understand that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution for every client, so spotting the best shots and thinking on the fly to produce quality content for each project regardless of circumstances is essential for this position. This is an IN OFFICE position requiring out of state travel approximately once per month. You must have a vehicle and a valid driver’s license.

Essential Job Functions:

Use your artistic eye, as well as knowledge of subject matter during video/photo shoots to capture shots that appeal to both the target audience and the client.

Listen to clients needs and communicate clearly with them during shoots to ensure satisfaction.

Collaborate with other videographers and photographers on various projects. You may be working independently, or as a team depending on the project.

Work with designers, content strategists, and project managers to maintain brand standards and ensure that all material needed for each website is captured during the shoot.

Plan shoots in advance, create storyboards or review scripts when needed.

Edit photos and videos within the budgeted time-constraints for each project.

Manage multiple projects at any given time and maintain organization during the process.

Plan and set studio lighting using strobes, diffusers, softboxes and backdrops.

Color correct and grade footage.

Retouch portraits.

Direct talent during shoots.

Plan and conduct video interviews.

Organize and maintain all photo and video equipment.

Equipment We Use:

Canon C300 Mark II.

Canon 5D Mark III.

Cardioid condenser microphone, lavalier microphone, Zoom H4n.

DJI Ronin, steadicam, slider, tripod, jib.

Strobes, flashes, reflectors, diffusers, softboxes, backdrops.


This is not an entry level role. You are required to have videography, photography, and editing experience at a company and/or freelancing.

Must have experience and strong working knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Lightroom, Photoshop and Media Encoder.

You’ll need keen eyes and ears for detail during editing. This includes basic knowledge of color science and how to mix/master audio.

Someone who can communicate effectively about videography and photography topics with non-technical roles.

This position requires attention to every detail.

And of course, someone who is willing to learn and develop valuable skills while exploring new ideas.


Job Type: Full-time.

Experience: 2 years of video production and professional photography experience.

Compensation: To be determined based on experience level.